It`s not a hobby It`s a lifestyle

“Motocross is more than hobby, it is a lifestyle it is like the air that I breathe” , I cannot live without it!
Many people think that I am nuts, practicing a dangerous sport. But when i am on my bike I feel pure happiness and I totally forget about all that can happen. The feeling when you jump and put the turns perfectly and then you drive past the checkered flag knowing that you gave 100% beats everything!! I don’t think anyone back then thought that it would be such a big thing, this motocross, for the whole family. And they didn’t think that I was gonna be so successful. My first year of racing I finished last in every heat , but that didn’t stop me. I was probably more happy than the kid that won. I was so happy that I had made my way around the track. The next year my goal was to have as many riders behind me as possible. And I sure did. The guys had to really fight for getting pass me and that was so cool. Now I am in top 40 in USM , I am the only girl .


Sorry to say is that with my success comes a negative side . My school work suffers. Because of all the training time I don't have much time left to do  homeworks. But is still think it goes well for me in school. I have to get good grades because I want to get into an elite sports school and later on the police academy, so there is a little bit struggle.

We spend a lot of time and money on my “hobby” but like my dad say “as long as I give 100% he will give 100%” . I couldn’t do this without the support from my family. Especially my dad, my hero and biggest fan. He is also my mechanic, coach, transport, friend and bank, dad pays mom prays! My dad believes in me and in his eyes I may not be the strongest or the fastest but I trying my the hardest! He pushes me to the limit, in a good way. He has taught me to never give up!

Many believe that it is easy to ride dirt bike. To just sit on it and twist that throttle and switch gears. They couldn’t have more wrong. I do alot physics and strength training besides riding motocross. In the season I ride dirt bike like 5 days a week and 30 minutes x 4 each time. When I race you got to be able to ride 30 minutes without break and in full throttle all the time. It is also a dangerous sport. “The faster it goes the more dangerous it gets” , if don’t have really bad luck and gets hurt over nothing. Motocross riders joke sometimes and say “If you don’t fall you don’t ride fast enough”. I have had my crashes and my hospital trips with broken bones and a sore body, but that doesn't stop me!


You maybe think why I choose to ride dirt bike instead of doing gymnastics or other more traditional girly things. Well, I think that I didn’t choose motocross motocross choose me. Some girls have asked me how it is being a girl in the motocross world! My answer is super fun! Off track it sure can get lonely sometimes that you are a girl, not so much fashion and makeup talk with the guys. But on track, there is nothing she and he, we are all dirt bike riders! There, I feel equal with the guys! That I have come this far is probably because I don’t think of me as a girl when it comes to choosing which races I will run and how I choose to train. I try get as much as resistance as possible, in that way I get speed and stamina! Against the guys, I get to fight a lot but against the girls I can say that I am superior.It may sound cocky, but you must have a lot of confidence and be tough if you want to turn pro as a girl in motocross. Still think that one should be humble and kind or you probably will be very lonely. I have friends but most of them are boys. The girls see me as a rival. The girls in school I don’t have any problems with and that’s good. But the girls here at home I don’t get to meet outside school so very often because of my motocross. Every weekend I am on races and during the week I train a lot. Sometimes that made me sad but on the other side I have a lot of friends in the motocross community. I think that my homegirls understand but I am not sure.

When it comes to being a girl and appearance, at the track my hair is a little so-so and makeup not so much! But I love fashion and beauty. I don’t use much jewelry but I got a bellybutton piercing and it works great, I just tape over it when I drive! I believe in doing what you want and is passionate about and let nothing stop you! As one of my favorite woman who is successful, smart says "anyone can achieve their dreams if one dares to believe in them". I will achieve my dreams. With my father and my family’s support, I will achieve my dream of becoming one of the world's best female motocross riders!