My goals for the year 2016

My goal for 2018 is to be top 5 in SM and top 20 in EM.

Gotland Grand National is also a competition, I have considered running for the first time. Of course I will also run smaller races.

A longer-term goal that I have with me the whole time, I'm going to be the best female motocross rider!

Good words to me from fellow riders

"Who are you worried about"

(about me being nervous at races)

It´s pointless because you can only do the best that  YOU can do!

It´s really a race against yourself!

Point A to Point B the fastest you can make it!

Dont be afraid to ever rub a elbow or show a Wheel!


Daniel Clover #109                


"Go for you Dream"

Be you own Boss

When you get success stay whit you feet on the ground!

Respect other people!

Remember! the people you meet on the way up

you meet on the way down!!

Thats it


Brian Jørgensen #8 / Brian Jørgensen MX School