Here’s the thing.. 

​?Here’s the thing 

…many people ask me if I Will stop riding motocross now because of, what I call, bad luck this last year.  It started with a broken shoulder a year ago, and 2 months ago a broken collarbone and now broken foot! How crazy and stupid it might sound,  no matter how hurt I am and how much pain I have all I can think of is WHEN can I ride again. I can say that right now I am mostly frustrated over that I am not able to do what I love for the moment. I think I speak for most of us mxriders and Fmx riders when I say that We Will never stop doing what we love because of fear to crash and to be injured. Know your limits But never stop trying to exceed them! ❤You Will see me on the track anytime soon and definitely season 2017 and for many years to Come. My Mxcareer has only started ??

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